DD Hwy Campground Rules & Regulations

All visitors must check in at the office First.

Please obey the one way and speeding signs

No campsite lease is transferable, check with management.

Campers must be at least 18 years old to get a permit. Permit holders must have identification and proof of age, and furnish the full names of everyone in the camping party.

The permit holder is responsible for the conduct of everyone under 18 years old and is liable for any violations of the rules and regulations.

All campers under 18 years old must be accompanied and supervised by the permit holder

All campers will occupy and place equipment only on the assigned campsite.

All campers and their visitors are to respect campground property. You are responsible for reporting any unusual occurrences to the office.

In its sole discretion, DD hwy Campground reserves the right to revoke your camping privileges should you and your children and/or visitors fail to comply with any of these Rules. By utilizing the campground and its services you hereby consent to the same.

Any modification, amendment, or failure to enforce any of the Rules and Regulations by DD Hwy Campground, its representative, agents, employees and servants, shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the requirement of compliance with same by you, your children and/or visitors.

All structures on your site must be permitted by management and meet the campground rules for decks, screen porches and sheds. No fencing, standalone bars, swings, swing sets, or play sets (commercially or home built) are permitted.

In the event that a camping permit has expired and the camping party still occupies the site but can not be located, they will be required to pay a Miscellaneous campground handling charge in the amount of $25.00 and it may be necessary to remove their personal property. After 48 hrs the left behind camping equipment will be disposed of period.

Any tent or other camping equipment left unoccupied for more than 48 hours may be taken down and removed.

Day Use


Please drive your vehicle to the beach and unload you beach items and then park in a designated area. This will help keep the beach uncluttered. No campfires on the beach and any enclosures or umbrellas must be taken down that evening.

NO unsightly clothes lines and no nails in the trees please. Check with management we want to keep the park looking untrashed. No exterior refrigerators or freezers permitted. They would be permitted in a shed

Insurance on your camper or tent is your responsibility.

DD HWY Campground is not responsible for any accidents, be it car or swimming.

You are responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests.DD hwy Campground is in no way responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests learn, understand and abide by all of the Rules and Regulations of DD hwy Campground. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests know what fees they may incur and the sanctions for violation of the Rules.

All extra lighting must be turned off while you are sleeping or during the daylight. No washing machines or dryers are allowed on campsites.

Upon approval and inspection by management, you may sell your trailer on site. All site fees must be paid, all guidelines on the listing form must be met, and you will incur a $500 transfer fee. No professional third parties may be used to sell your trailer.

AT YOUR OWN RISK, only trailers may be left on site for the winter. No personal items are to be stored near or under the trailer.DD Hwy Campground, its agents, servants, employees, and representatives are in no way responsible for any trailer, possessions, etc., which remain on site for the winter. You release DD hwy Campground from any and all liability for damage, theft, and casualty, if you leave your trailer on site during seasonal and winter camping.

Bathroom/showers will be closed in the winter season.

Remove all trash you generate from the campground. No construction, additions, alterations, or repairs (except emergency ones deemed so by management) to decks, screen porches or sheds are permitted. Any additions to a campsite must be approved by management

Please do not empty your trash in the bathrooms. Dumpster is provided for use.

No person shall possess fireworks.

No person shall obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

No person shall engage in fighting or violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior; or engage in any other activity which violates the Penal Law.

Swimming and Beaches

Beach Area


Motor Vehicles and Boats


No person under 21 years of age shall possess alcoholic beverages.

Persons age 21 or over who possess or consume alcoholic beverages must produce adequate identification and proof of age upon request.

Commercial Activity

  • No person shall sell any articles, commodities, or services without a department permit.

  • The sale of all alcoholic beverages is prohibited except by concessionaires.


  • Violation of any campground rule is grounds for eviction. Anyone who is evicted is not entitled to a refund or to return for one week.

    Camping party

    A site may be occupied by a parent or parents with their dependent children. Each additional person is $10.00 per night for rv and tent camping including visitors and dinner guests.

    2 car limit per campsite. Each additional car $10 and must park in designated area.

    Leaving early

    Sorry no refunds


    Please be courteous to your camping neighbors. At no time may the noise on a campsite create a disturbance or interfere in any manner with other people’s enjoyment of the park.

    Generator use

    Generator use is typically not allowed . Property managers have full discretion for generator use. Any camper who needs to operate a generator because of a health condition will be required to take an electrical site if any is available and not use the generator unless an outage occurs. Because the available electric site is not in a preferred location is not valid justification for the camper refusing to accept that site assignment.

    If no other electrical site is available, the camper will be assigned to an accessible campsite with electrical service. If no electrical sites at all are available, the property manager or designee will try to find and assign the camper to the site where the noise of a generator will be least disruptive to other guests. The camper may be allowed to operate the generator there only under special conditions so the resulting noise will not bother other campers. Only under unusual circumstances will evening generator use be allowed. No person may operate a generator without first obtaining a written permit from the department


    See management.

    Switching campsites

    Campers may not switch sites without prior approval.

    Vehicles and tents

    Motor vehicles are restricted to the designated parking area on each campsite. No more than two motor vehicles are allowed per campsite.

    No more than one recreation trailer, pickup truck camper or motor home may occupy a campsite. Pickup campers or motor homes pulling a trailer are treated as a single unit. Check with management if another trailer could be put on site.

    The number of tents allowed depends on the sizes of the tents and of the site. Call the park office if you’re considering bringing multiple tents.

    Waste water

    Please collect and dispose of dish and hand washing water at the sanitary dumping station or in campground toilets. It is against health and safety rules to dump this “gray water” on the ground

    Checkout time

    Campsite check in / check out time is 3 p.m. You may set up earlier if the site was not occupied the night before. If you are unable to leave by 3 p.m., contact management.

    Note: If you or any member or guest of your camping party violate any state law or Department of Natural Resources rules, you may be evicted from the park, have your camping permit revoked, and lose any fees you have paid


    • Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children.
    • No rock throwing anywhere in the park.
    • No bicycling after dusk on any campground road.
    • Children are to be at their site by 9:00 p.m.and not to be left unsupervised.

    Camping Vehicles

    • Make certain hoses are properly connected when using septic system or dumping station.
    • Always use septic chemicals in your toilets and holding tanks.
    • Never dump directly onto the ground

    Activities not permitted

    • Cutting trees or shrubs or bringing in logs from the woods.
    • Disturbing wildlife or defacing park property.
    • All-terrain vehicles operating on park property must be approved by management. Only licensed drivers can operate any vehicles in the campground.
    • Controlled substances
    • Cleaning fish, washing dishes or pets in buildings.
    • Discharge of waste water onto park property.
    • NO dish-washing in the bathroom facility